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What do I need to do to open a business in Sugar Grove?

Make contacting the Village part of your due diligence process. We want your business and we want to make establishing your business in Sugar Grove as effortless as possible. Call us at 630.466.8954.

Why do I need to contact the Village?

We can provide you with demographic information.

And we can provide information about what is to come. Every business owner wants to be in a market with room for growth and we can show you where and what type of growth and change is expected in Sugar Grove.

Verify that the property/building is properly zoned.

The Village has multiple commercial and industrial zoning districts each with different requirements and things may not always be what they seem. The property or building you may want to occupy may not have the same zoning classification as the similar ones surrounding it.

Verify the business you want to open is a permitted use in the zoning district or at that location

Not only do the multiple zoning districts create confusion, properties in the same zoning classification can have very different requirements arising from planned development requirements, annexation agreements or private covenants. If the business you wish to establish in Sugar Grove is a Special Use, the Community Development Department will be able to provide you all of the information you will need to make application for a Special Use Permit.

Verify that there is enough parking for the business

What may seem to be adequate parking may not be sufficient to meet the zoning requirements for your business. Different uses have different parking requirements and one cannot assume that because a commercial use occupied the building there is sufficient parking for your business.

Verify that the building’s construction provides the correct number of emergency exits, correct ADA facilities, has adequate electric service, has adequate washroom facilities

The type of construction of the building, the number of occupants of the building or tenant space, or the characteristics of your business all affect life safety and public health requirements. Sometimes, the required modifications can be simple and inexpensive, if any are required.

Verify that the building’s construction is suitable for the use, the anticipated contents, and the anticipated number of occupants

The Building Code applies different requirements to different use groups. Your business may be similar to others by zoning definitions, but it may not be similar by building and life safety definitions. And that could have a material effect on whether you will need to make improvements to the building or space you want to occupy and the nature of any improvements.

Verify that you can display signs

How big? How many? What about temporary signs? The signs the previous business left on the property may be non-conforming and may need to be corrected. These and other sign questions should be discussed with Community Development Department staff.

Are there other agencies that I should contact?

  • Fox Metro for plumbing requirements
  • Kane County Health for food service uses
  • Kane County Division of Transportation for road impact fees
  • Illinois Department of Revenue to obtain tax identification number

Need a liquor license? Contact the Village Clerk for application requirements for a liquor license. Liquor licenses are granted by the Village Board and are in addition to any other permits or licenses that maybe required for the business you are considering in Sugar Grove.