The Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry is launching a new program with the primary focus of coaching and mentoring new members.  This program looks to continue building a stronger bond between the Chamber and its members.  Via the Ambassador program, participating members will assist in providing new members with additional means of networking, having a voice in the community, visibility, credibility, and having access to resources and information.  Responsibilities include promoting and representing the Chamber through retention of current members, mentoring new members, and bringing local businesses together.  They will also participate and assist at events in order to help promote the Chamber and the community we serve, while having fun. 

“We are thrilled to have a program where current members volunteer their time and efforts in ways that bring our local businesses and community together,” said Chamber Board Member Jackie Link.  

The Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established in 1991 to help advance the Sugar Grove business community, and to encourage local residents to utilize the products and services of local businesses.  Our motto is don’t just try local, but buy local!

For more information on The Ambassador Program, please visit the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce website at or contact Jackie Link at 630.385.6676.