PROJECT KC is an unprecedented opportunity for Kaneland students have a VOICE in their own school culture. Not only do they get a Voice, they get opportunity to TAKE ACTION. All participating students will be leaders in planning and executing the 2015 Kindness Campaign next October. Program is for 4th and 5th graders, starts Monday, Jan. 26th and will be offered once a month after school. Project KC is definitely running at both Shields and McDole – starts 2 weeks from MONDAY! Ideally, it will be able to run at all 4 Kaneland grade schools, but all depends on registration numbers. Each session is facilitated by a local administrator who will be there to inspire and keep students on track but most efforts will be created, led, and executed by students.

The program includes a plan for all 5th graders to meet and unite prior to 6th grade and then continue as peer leaders when they enter Harter next year with the help of the Harter Middle School staff, Britt Mattern. This is another unprecedented opportunity for the 5th grade students to bridge together into 6th grade directly into a peer leadership role. This effort not only helps build Kaneland community as ONE community, it provides an already-established peer leadership group that can help promote and facilitate other social/emotional and/or community programs in the schools such as Rachel’s Challenge or similar. Project KC will provide and possibly even inspire other mentoring opportunities for the continued years in both Harter Middle School and Kaneland High School.

Once we have an established group at both the middle school and grade school levels, the high school students will be invited to join in as mentors for both the Middle and grade school kids – providing another avenue for Kaneland students to interact with different grade levels.

The Project KC program is loosely based on the “WE WILL Generation Student Movement” program created by Pacers National Bullying Prevention Center. The belief is that it’s the ‘students’ that will most likely impact the ‘students’. Creating an environment where we can nurture the power of student-to-student engagement in which students are educated, inspired, and supported to take positive action to help their peers.

The mission of PROJECT KC is not only to promote Kindness but to encourage us all to Respect differences, Unite Together, and Take action. Each session will include team-building activity, facilitated discussions/media and take-action/planning opportunities. Some sessions will address themes of: Self-Advocacy, Group Advocacy, Community outreach, Internet /Phone safety and subjects of that nature. All in an effort to educate and empower students to make good choices.

Other program details:

 Meetings are 1x a month all school year – after-school AT school led by local educators

 one-time $25 registration fee provides unlimited involvement-won’t have to pay again each student receives free t-shirt

 Project KC is designed to provide leadership roles and mentoring opportunities

 Community outreach and mentoring opportunities will also be available via Project KC

Promotional flyer and registration form have been included below. Registration forms are at all the K-5 school offices, on Konnect and online at

Project KC has been in the making for over one year now and may take another couple years to reach some success, but we are all very hopeful. Several like-minded community members and Kaneland Administration have been involved in helping create and promote Project KC –below is a list of others you can contact for questions/interviews:

Dr. Sarah Mumm, Director of Educational Services K-5, Kaneland Schools –

Nicole Pryor – Social Worker, Kaneland John Shields Elementary –

Diane McFarlin – Kaneland High School Asst. Principal –

CONTACT: Renee Dee, Founder Peak for Kids (630)935-7834 or

Please click this link for flyer and registration form: ProjectKC_flyer_FINAL