Dear COCS Kettle Volunteer,

We are still looking for bell ringers!  But the procedure has changed a bit–I no longer handle the scheduling for this area.

Volunteers for all area kettles, including Elburn and Sugar Grove are being scheduled online through the local Corps at Simply enter the town you would like to ring in, enter the time slot and location and follow the prompts. You will need to sign up as an individual; when you have a chance to enter a group, enter Conley Outreach. This will ensure that Conley Outreach receives credit for your volunteer hours. If your group needs documentation of participation for community service hours, there is a tab on the website for that as well. At least for the moment, I don’t think Reams is an option for ringing in Elburn. I’m working on getting it added for next year if not this.

Conley Outreach will benefit greatly based on number of volunteers, hours and amount brought into “our” kettles. The DeKalb Corps is coordinating the Elburn kettles; the Aurora Corps is coordinating the Sugar Grove kettles. These Corps will make sure volunteers have all of the supplies they need and will be responsible for dropping off and picking up all kettles. But, remember, if you are signed up with Conley Outreach as your organization, we will get full credit for the number of volunteers, the hours worked and the amount raised in that kettle. 

Direct donations to the Conley Outreach kettles can be made at   

Thanks so much for your help!

Carol Werdin Alfrey
Carol Werdin Alfrey, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Conley Outreach Community Services
“Caring for the Heart of Community”