Friday evening, July 29, 2016, as a part of the Sugar Grove Corn Boil 2016 opening ceremony, Sean Michels, Village President and Sally McClellan, Chamber President announced the awarding of the 2016 Sugar Grove Citizen of the Year to Ruth Frantz. Ruth was nominated by colleagues, neighbors, and friends. They cheered from the lawn, as Ruth accepted the award, and joined Michels and McClellan, and those present in front of the main stage. Previous winners include:

2015 Bob Bohler
2014 Wayne Parson
2013 Joe Didier
2012 Helen Jorgensen
2011 Lil Adams
2010 Beverly Holmes Hughes
2009 Jim Wilhelm
2008 Karen McCannon
2007 Joe Wolf
2006 Pat Graceffa
2005 Karen Pritchard
2004 Arnie and Byrel Liefheit
2003 David Seraphin
2002 Kevin Tindall
2001 Delmar and Ruth Krieghbaum
2000 Stan Anderson
1999 Chris Dayvolt
1998 Terry Siebert

Ruth is well known, respected and appreciated throughout the village for her strong commitment to local history, various historical groups, and genealogy research. She helped organized the Sugar Grove Historical Society and continues to research and share information about the many past events that have taken place in our great town. Ruth also spent over 20 years as the key force for the first Sugar Grove Newspaper where she hand-cranked and printed all copies for the people of Sugar Grove. If it were not for her and her machine, there would never have been any newspapers to distribute. Ruth has and continues to be extremely involved in the Sugar Grove United Methodist Church. She also loved meeting with her garden club in the 60’s where she was able to express her love of flowers. All of her volunteered time and effort is still being recognized throughout Sugar Grove. Without Ruth, many precious memories would have been lost.

Comments regarding Ruth’s nomination include; “Ruth is a “quiet giant” who has made a silent difference in the community,” “She is one of the most respected members of our community. Ruth is a distinguished, quiet, humble person of great intellect and compassion” and “Ruth has been an outstanding citizen, volunteer, and contributor to the Sugar Grove Community and is long overdue for her recognition.”

Ruth, and her husband Groff Frantz (deceased in 2010), moved to Sugar Grove over 50 years ago and were both involved in numerous Sugar Grove groups and organizations. Ruth continues to play a big part in the community. She is a loving mother to five children, Mark, Jane, Terry, David and Dwight, step mother to four children, Dave, Nancy, Steve and Cliff, and loving grandmother and great-grandmother. Her friends and family have said, “Ruth has been very instrumental in spearheading multiple Sugar Grove community projects.”

Clearly, Sugar Grove is blessed to have such a selfless individual in the community.

Established in 1998 by the Village of Sugar Grove and the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry as an annual recognition program, “Citizen of the Year” is intended to recognize, from among the nominations, the selected individual or group, which this year best exemplifies that pioneering spirit which helps our village grow and prosper. The Village of Sugar Grove and the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry appreciate the involvement of the many people and local businesses that help recognize the Citizen of the Year recipient.

Local supporters and contributors to the Citizen of the Year include:

Attorney Sally L. McClellan, Calamity Jane’s, CDH Promotions, Conley Outreach Community Services, Derek Eastman State Farm, First National Bank, Java Plus, Mary S. Unterberg, Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sugar Grove United Methodist Church, and Village of Sugar Grove.