The Sugar Grove Library is pleased to announce the new opportunity for local business owners to obtain a Business Library Card. The Board of Trustees voted upon the amended Library Card Policy on October 29, and staff are busy working to promote the change.   

A Business Library Card is available to any organizational entity, profit or nonprofit that owns or rents property in the Sugar Grove Library District. The owner, senior representative or manager of the business may apply for a card in person using the Application for a Business Library Card. Appropriate photo identification is required in addition to providing one additional item such as a business license, letter of incorporation, rental agreement or utility bill showing designated business name and address. Patrons holding an individual card as a community resident will not be eligible for an additional library card. Only one card will be issued per property owner or renter. These cards are for local use only and do not have reciprocal borrowing or inter-library loan privileges and are valid for one year. 

“This change is important as the business owner is supporting the community by paying local taxes. Serving all of our stakeholders is part of the mission and values of the Library.” stated Library Director Shannon Halikias. “Local business should feel welcomed and obtain valuable information that may assist them. Perhaps the biggest perk is online access to the wealth of databases and digital content. The owner on the go can use Consumer Reports, Gale research, online magazines, and grab a book online when they may not be able to make it out their establishment very much. When the Sugar Grove community is succeeding, we succeed. Showing that we want to help on every front is part of providing a welcoming environment for businesses both existing and considering Sugar Grove.”   

Other significant changes to the policy include allowing for DVD renewals so long as the item is not “NEW” or on hold for another patron. “A series on DVD is sometimes too long to make it through on one checkout period. Allowing for a renewal has become an increasing request and our collection is finally growing enough to support this option,” said Halikias. Halikias also encourages DVD donations of new or gently used audio-visual items. 

Minor changes to the policy clarify postage charges, identification requirements, and applicable charges for damaged items. “A Library card is one of the few items which grant a patron hundreds of dollars of taxpayer funded items at any given time. A card is also a document that may be used to establish identify and residency. The requirements for a card should be specific and non-negotiable in order for us to do our job responsibly.” The Library did expand the identification document list to be more convenient for patrons and now includes a FOID card, voter registration card, and military ID.   

One significant change had to be made for online payments of fines and bills. The relationship between the consortium catalog and E-pay, the free service provided by the Illinois Treasurer’s Office was not renewed. “We will have online bill payment options returning very shortly, but the lack of free E-pay is beyond our control,” Halikias stated. “We didn’t have a choice about E-pay as it is simply not available for us anymore.”  Though a new service was identified as being compatible, the Library is charged a transaction fee for every usage and must pass the cost on in the form of a convenience fee to patrons. Patrons may continue to pay any fines or fees as normal in person at the Library by cash or check with no additional transaction fee.  “The Library simply cannot sustain paying transaction fees for patrons. Our budget is razor thin and the fees add up. A gentle reminder that there are no fines or fees if materials are returned or renewed on time.”

More information may be obtained by calling the Library at 630-466-4686 or visiting the web page at  The Library updates their FB page almost daily and encourages sharing of community information.