Valued Businesses of Sugar Grove,

For far too long the consumers of Sugar Grove have been limited for choices in internet, phone and TV services.  During the past year the Village of Sugar Grove has worked to attract new providers that could potentially service our community with different telecom, ISP and TV choices.   And, as you know, any new provider is required to make a significant investment in infrastructure and additional capital.  And before a new provider is willing to make that commitment, they want to know that they will gain new business in Sugar Grove.

I’m asking you to let Metronet know that you may be interested in their services for your business.

Metronet is a provider that has shown some interest in coming to Sugar Grove.  But, businesses and consumers like you need to let them know you are interested in new options.    

Key reasons for the businesses and households in Sugar Grove to want Metronet:

  • True fiber to the building. Metronet’s system will be 100% fiber to the business or home providing for up to 1 Gigabit speed downloading and uploading.
  • All new system resulting in strong reliability.
  • Complete Internet, Phone & TV services available.

Key reasons Metronet would want to service Sugar Grove:

  • Strong demand. Current service options are lacking in speed and reliability.
  • Potential for many new customers:  Approx. 3,500 units in the Village and 1,000 units in Prestbury
  • The Village will continue to grow and provide long-term customer growth for Metronet.

I truly believe there will be strong demand for a new provider.  But we need your help to let Metronet know. 

Here’s what you can do: 

Contact Kathy Scheller at her email listed below.  Just let Kathy know that your business or household would like to see Metronet come to Sugar Grove.  Or, give Kathy a few quick words about why you might want to see another provider in town. Your comments and requests make a difference!

MetroNet | External Affairs
3701 Communications Way | Evansville, IN 47715
Office: 812-760-9228

Please help lead the way to provide diversity along with much needed competition in our local telecom, ISP and TV providers.  Thank you.



Ted A. Koch
Sugar Grove Village Trustee