Dear Fellow members:

It is that time of the year again to begin thinking about nominations for the upcoming 2016 Board vacancies. The Nominating Committee of the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry is accepting self nominations for the 2016  Slate of Directors. There will be four (4)  Directors elected to the Board and the length of term will be 2 years. Candidates must be willing to commit 6 to 10 hours a month in service to the Chamber Board. This commitment includes attendance and participation in the planning and preparation of Chamber functions. For a member of the Chamber to be qualified to be elected to the Board, they must: (1) have completed one year of active chamber committee participation and/or been a chamber member for 3 years; and (2) be a member in good standing. (Revised 9/15/2010)  The election is held by return ballot and results are announced at the Annual Meeting. Please complete and return a Board Member Application Form to Shari Baum c/o SG Chamber P.O. Box 765, Sugar Grove, IL 60554 by October 26, 2015.

The schedule for after the self nominating petitions have been received is as follows: The chamber board will then approve a slate of candidates at their October  board meeting. The ballot for the slate of candidates will then be sent to the membership in November  for voting. All ballots will be tallied in early December (deadline date to be determined) and the four (4)  new board members will be sworn in at the Annual Membership Meeting on December 10th.  The chamber board will then meet in early January to determine the new officers for the coming year and these new officers will be announced at the luncheon in February.

Please visit the Board of Directors page on our website to download forms and to view the current board.